Examples of Our Consulting - Resale

  • A client owned a rental apartment for foreigners, but growing in rental demand was sluggish because the layout was excessively spacious.
  • The rental apartment in question is located in an area where it is surrounded by numerous luxury condominiums.
  • We proposed selling subdivided condominiums individually after renovating them, instead of selling the entire building as a rental apartment for foreigners.
  • We have successfully maximized the return on invested capital by starting to sell unoccupied units one by one over time following the renovations.

Key points

We focused on the locational feature of the property in question as a luxury condominium.
We realized sales of renovated condominiums based on a trust scheme by utilizing a contract for the benefit of a third party (Note 1).
We significantly curbed the decrease in cash flow by starting to sell unoccupied units one by one.

(Note 1) A contract in which a party promises to give a certain benefit to a third party. The rights of the third party will commence when the third party has indicated its intention to receive the benefit.