Points of attention

Soliciation Policy

At the time of the sale of financial products, we will work with the customer and perform sales activities while complying with the laws regarding Financial instruments and Exchange law, the sale of financial products, the consumer contract law, trust business method and consumer contract method and other related laws.

  1. We introduce appropriate commodities with easily understandable explanations * In order for customers to be able to sufficiently understand the contents of commodities and risks, we endeavor to carefully explain our products.
    * We endeavor to introduce products which satisfy the customer’s intentions and their actual needs.
    * Trust from the customer is our priority. When purchasing financial products, we will ensure that customers are never misled into making erroneous decisions.
  2. We introduce the commodities from the customer’s perspective
    * We endeavor to flexibly introduce commodities in a way that is most convenient for the customer.
  3. We pursue the satisfaction of the customer
    * We endeavor to keep reflecting opinions of the customers on the sale of the commodities.
    * In order to guarantee the sale of the proper financial products for each customer, we continue learning to improve our knowledge of related laws and the acquisition of commodities.

Agility Asset Advisers Inc.
Kinji Kaiho