Examples of Our Consulting - Solar Power Project

  • Develop co-investment opportunities by purchasing the land to construct solar power plants
  • Advise the use of real estate liquidation scheme on operation of solar power plant for co-investment with overseas investors
  • Under the name of the Trust bank, Acquisition of facility qualification (*2), plant construction, and sale of electricity shall be exercised, and SPC made the fund procurement by the trust beneficiary rights.

(*2) Based on Article 6 paragraph 2, approval of the Renewable Electric Energy Facilities, under the "Act on Special Measures concerning the Procurement of Renewable Electric Energy Sources by Operators of Electric Utilities"

Key points

Simplify in terms of finance by structuring trust beneficiary right.
Clarify on laws and taxation by structuring trust beneficiary right.
Simplify the process of while selling assets by structuring trust beneficiary right.