Private Fund

AAA Residential Fund

AAA (Triple-A)Residential Fund is a private real estate investment fund specializing in rental housing located in seven major metropolitan areas. Beginning with AAA Residential Fund I, the first fund of AAA Residential Fund series established in March 2005, Agility Asset Advisers has expanded to eight funds and has acquired more than 50 properties.


Polaris Asia Real Estate Fund series

We target real estate that is judged to be relatively reasonable under the present market environment (securitized real estate is included). We aim to manage properties for the medium term by raising property value in a comparably short period of time. We primarily select properties that are not being operated properly or ones where we can expect to make operational improvements. Additionally, we aim to perform an exit strategy with optimal timing by observing the current situations, such as where we are in the business cycle, as well as supply and demand of housing.