Since its founding in 2005, Agility Asset Advisers Inc. (AAA) has been experiencing changes in the industrial structure in Japan following the collapse of the bubble economy, the global financial crisis triggered by sub-prime loans, Abenomics under the long-term Abe administration and the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues from last year. These incidents led to major changes in the real estate markets in Japan and overseas and the creation and expansion of the real estate securitization market in Japan and other countries. Along with these developments, AAA has been growing and developing by providing investors with sophisticated, cutting-edge financial services.

I would like to express my appreciation to our customers and investors who have placed their trust in AAA, and  I am sincerely grateful to them.

While AAA celebrated the 16th anniversary of its founding on January 5, 2021, it established Agility Holdings Inc. (AH) in January 2018, as a holding company. Under the holding company system, there are 3 subsidiaries in Japan. Agility Asset Advisers Inc. (AAA) conducts the real estate asset management business, the advisory business and the real estate brokerage business. AAA Consulting K.K. (AAAC) engages in the real estate management business and the call center business, and AAA Investment K.K. (AAAI) is involved in the investment business related to real estate and renewable energy. In addition, as a REIT business in Japan, AAA participates in the operation of NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation (NRI) as a shareholder of SBI REIT Advisors K.K. (SRA). As a real estate investment management company, AAA Group has laid out the framework to respond quickly to multifaceted needs of investors in Japan and overseas for real estate investment in Japan.

While AAA Group has placed real estate investment management in Japan at the core of its business since its founding, the Group accepted the majority of its capital from Phillip Capital Group headquartered in Singapore in July 2016, to expand its business further and started operating materially Agility Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (AAM), which presides over the overseas real estate-related business, in January 2019, as a member of Phillip Capital Group, a comprehensive financial group representing Asia. AAA Group provides investors and business companies in Japan and overseas with a wide array of services for their real estate investment in major overseas regions including Southeast Asia and the United States by establishing its local subsidiaries in Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore and Vietnam with AAM as the hub, taking advantage of local information from the Group's network and business partners.

I ask for your continued support and guidance.

January 2021
President Kinji Kaiho


Biography: Kinji Kaiho

Kinji Kaiho joined The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (IBJ) after graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Economics in 1980.
After working at the Hong Kong Branch and the Corporate Investment Information Department of IBJ, Kaiho was in charge of M&A as the general manager of Advisory Department V of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Kaiho became independent in 2003 and established Mutual Links Corporation. 
At IBJ, Kaiho had numerous achievements as a specialist in international finance, particularly the organization of syndicated loans for various large projects of multipurpose buildings, hotels and infrastructure. After 1995, he engaged in a multitude of projects for overseas advancement, M&A and bad-debt disposal. His career as an advisor exceeds 30 years. Currently, Kaiho is actively involved in real estate securitization programs in Japan and overseas as the founder of the Agility Group. He also has a broad international network of personal connections, including overseas Chinese.
Kaiho became president of Agility Asset Advisors Inc. (incumbent) at the same time as its foundation in January 2005. 
He participated in the listing of NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation on the JREIT market in April 2014. 
Kaiho became non-executive director of SBI REIT Advisors K.K., the asset management company of NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation (September 2018 to June 2019). 
In January 2019, he became CEO of Agility Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (incumbent, currently residing in Singapore).