Policy on dealing with Anti-Social Forces

The Company declares the following basic policy toward eliminating business with anti-social forces.

  1. Organizational response
    The Company will deal with anti-social forces as one organization and will ensure the safety of the employees involved.
  2. Cooperation with specialized organizations
    The Company will always maintain close relationships with external specialist organizations such as the police, the Promotion Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and lawyers to handle any undue demands from anti-social forces.
  3. Termination of any and all relationships including business relations
    The Company will cut off any and all relationships with anti-social forces including those related to business transactions. In addition, it will reject any undue demands from anti-social forces.
  4. Civil and criminal legal actions in emergency situations
    The Company will not hesitate to take legal action under both civil and criminal laws against undue demands from anti-social forces.
  5. Rejection of engagement in backdoor deals with and offering benefits to anti-social forces
    The Company will never engage in any backdoor deal with anti-social forces even if it faces racketeering and threats that might arise from any corporate misconduct or involvement of our officers or employees in corporate irregularities. The Company will never offer, whatever the reason may be, any benefits to anti-social forces.