Privacy policy

  1. Acquisition and use of personal information
    We honor the importance of personal information, (use through strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations set by the Japanese government,), and we shall only use this type of information within the related framework.
  2. Management of personal Information
    We will endeavor to implement adequate security control measures to prevent any loss, leakage or tampering etc. We also bind our employees whom personal information is to be disclosed or provided to strict obligations concerning security control measures and supervise their implementation of such security control measures.
  3. Inquiry service-counter
    We will change or delete personal Information entered through the website by requests. (Access log information and uncertified personal information is an exception).

Agility Asset Advisers and its entire staff are committed to appropriately managing and protecting Personal Information, and fully abide by the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, regulations, and guidelines in Japan.

  • Access information
    We may acquire access log information in order to offer a better service to the customers. Our purpose is not to disseminate that personal information of the customer.
  • Cookies
    WThis website uses Cookies on some pages to prevent trouble while browsing our web-site. The user’s personal information, however, will not be obtained via Cookies nor will IP address information. Because it is not possible to identify the individual of specification, we do not include Cookie and IP address information as “personal information”. ※Users can choose to disable Cookies by changing the browser setting.
  • Inquiries Concerning Personal Information and other information:
    Tel: 03-3552-8878  FAX: 03-3552-8868

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