Organaization chart


Professional Staff Members

Below is our records of the investment.(As of 30th September,2016)

In order to provide the most appropriate resolutions to investor, there are several professional staff members in AAA Group. Including certified tax accountants, real estate appraisers, and first-class architects, etc. Furthermore, linking with external experts increases more efficiency to achieve the demands of investor's.

Professional staffs of AAA group include the following (as of September 30, 2016)

tax accountant 2
real estate appraiser 1
senior registered architect 1
ARES certified master 1
certified real estate consulting master 5
certified building administrator 4
money lending business supervisor 3
qualified non-life insurance agency license holder 2
real estate transaction agent 14

AAA Group provides services to our customers (clients?) not only the way of standard practice in investment business, but the utmost way in order to meet the customer's (client's?) needs with due care at the immediate response. Our professional staffs together with outside experts provide the best solution with customized approach to meet with each customer's (client's) Investment in real estate in Japan, you may face the complexity of laws and regulations, and a tax system, and also require the understanding of the uniqueness of real estate market practice at the same time. However, We, AAA Group, perform, in place of customers (clients?),to bring the best results and the satisfaction to the customers (clients).